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Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research (JEPER) is a high quality double blind peer review open access Journal that aim at publishing high quality research papers in all areas of educational policies and management, entrepreneurship development and related researches.

The Journal welcomes submission of manuscripts that meet the general scope and criteria of JEPERpublication. Articles can be submitted in the following areas of interest: Adult Education, Agricultural Education, Art Education, Business Education, Community Education, Computer Education, Cross-disciplinary areas of Education, Curriculum, Research and Development, Distance Education, Economics of Education, Education and child Labour, Education Policy and Leadership, Educational Administration, Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurial skills, Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment, Educational Foundations, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, E-Learning, Elementary Education, Environmental Education, Geography Education, Guidance and Counseling, Competitive Skills, Continuing Education, Health Education, Higher Education, Technology in Education, Measurement and Evaluation in Education Home Economics Education, Human Kinetics, Human Resource Development, Human Rights Education, Indigenous Education, Innovations and Change, International Education, Language Education, Mathematics Education, Music Education, Non-Formal Education, Population Education, Pre-Primary Education, Reading Education, Religion Studies, Science Education, Secondary Education, Composition of entrepreneurial activity, Social Studies Education, Special Education, Student Affairs, Teacher Education, Technical Education, Visualization skills, Vocational Education, Women Education/Gender, Industrial Cooperation,  Life-long Learning Experiences etc. the journal also welcomes other articles within the scope of Education policies and entrepreneurship development etc.

Submissions shoud be sent to the following TWO emails AT THE SAME TIME: iistejeper@gmail.comand
Posted: 2015-02-15
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