Replacing SIWES with Open Apprenticeship Scheme for Electrical and Electronics Technology Students in Technical Colleges in Edo State for Sustainable Livelihood

Osuiyi, Sunday Oghor, Owenvbiugie, Robinson Osarumwense


It has become too worrisome among the people in Nigeria; especially stake holders in the education sector that graduates produced at all level of education can not fit into the jobs for which they are trained. The case of technical college graduates is most pronounced. Instead of looking for white collar jobs as it is currently experienced, graduates of technical colleges generally and of course that of electrical and electronics technology are suppose to set up their own workshops or be employed in the industries. The reverse seems to be the case. This paper therefore examined the state of electrical and electronics workshops in our technical colleges. The decay in infrastructure and technical teachers’ attitude to work and its impact on students learning were discussed. It was discovered that the level of competencies as relate to skills acquisition needed by electrical and electronics students cannot be achieved if students fully relied on the school workshops. It was also noted that SIWES programme can no longer be relied on for students ’ practical experiences because most industries in Nigeria have relocated to other neigbouring countries because of the prevailing challenges. The need to replace SIWES with open apprenticeship scheme was comprehensively discussed. It was recommended that all technical college students should register in open apprenticeship scheme and that government should make of the technical education policies.  


Keywords: Technical Colleges, SIWES Programme, Apprenticeship Scheme, Skills Acquisition

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