Employee Conflict and its Management in the Hotel Industry in Ghana: A Case Study at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

Anthony Afful-Broni, Irene Seh Tah


Although conflict is a normal part of organizational life, there is the tendency to view it as negative. This paper seeks to analyze the types of employee conflict and its management at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Ghana.  In all, 250 questionnaires were administered to the staff and 200 representing 80% were retrieved. Ten managers were interviewed. Results from the study suggests that discrimination was at the root of many conflicts at the hotel while about a third of them also traced the cause of conflict to tribalism which does not confirm any literature that was reviewed by the researchers. Favouritism, envy, and cultural differences, competition and personal differences were listed as other causes of conflicts. In response to the factors that the workers believed triggered conflicts at the workplace, rumor mongering or falsehood as well as the fear of job loss or of being passed by in promotion were identified as major causes of conflict in the hotel. Recommendations for effective management of conflict are made.


Keywords: Employee Conflict, Management, Hotel Industry in Ghana, La Palm Royal Beach

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