New Teachers' Domains of Interest in the First Year Following their Internship

Eti Gilad, Aviva Alkalay


This study explores issues which new teachers prefer studying within the framework of in-service training courses after their internship year and as part of their professional development. This was examined from three aspects: studied issues, relation between theory and practice and the place where the new teachers wish to study. The study was conducted according to the qualitative-interpretive approach of the case study type. The research population comprised 128 new teachers who attended the in-service training course. The research tools consisted of a focus group and an interview followed by a content analysis. The findings illustrate that the new teachers preferred enhancing their knowledge of the three aspects explored from the professional and personal perspectives. The research findings could facilitate the development of new teachers' in-service training courses which would contribute to their personal and professional growth and would assist building programmes of new teachers' support and induction at school.


Keywords: New teachers, Teachers' professional development, Frameworks of teachers' Professional development. 

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