Strategies for Improving Students’ Enrollment into Technical College Programmes in Ebonyi State

Emmanuel E. Inyiagu


There is need to improve students’ enrolment into Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) if Nigerian and Ebonyi state in particular is to meet up with industrialized countries of the world. This is because TVE is the master key to national development. However, enrolment into technical college programmes in Ebonyi state has been poor. Therefore, this study was carried out to find the strategies for improving students’ enrolment into TVE programmes in Ebonyi State. Two research questions and two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The population of the study comprised of 80 teachers; 50male teachers and 30 female teachers. There were no sample; hence the entire population was used. A 17-item structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Mean and t-test statistic were used for analyzing the data. Among others, the study found out that societal negative attitude towards TVE, poor public image of TVE and government lip service to TVE are adversely affecting students’ enrolment into TVE and programmes. Eight strategies were identified for use in improving enrolment. Based on these findings the study recommended among others that Ebonyi State Government should implement the identified strategies in order to improve enrolment of students into technical college.


Keywords: Technical Colleges, Technical Education, Students’ Enrolment, Technical College Programmes 

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