Classroom Management Styles and Students’ Performance in Basic Technology: A Study of Junior Secondary School in Bariga metropolis, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Robert Ogbanje Okwori, Samuel Ayanda Owodunni, Balogun, Maqiu Abiodun


The paper identified classroom management styles in relation to students’ performance in Basic technology. Five junior secondary schools in Bariga metropolis, Lagos state, Nigeria were used for the study. Two research questions were formulated to guide the study. Two hundred and fifty three (253) respondents were used for the study i.e. 16 teachers and 246 junior secondary school students. Survey research design was adopted for the study. The data were analyzed using percentage, mean and standard deviation. It was disclosed that Basic technology teachers adopted democratic and bureaucratic management styles when teaching Basic technology. It was recommended that female students should be encouraged to work with their male counterpart to improve their performances in Basic technology. Finally, Basic technology teachers should adopt democratic approach when teaching Basic technology to enhance effective participation of students in the class towards achieving the instructional objectives.


Keywords: Basic technology, Effect, Management, Performance, Secondary school

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