Global Competence and Internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Learners with Special Needs

Wiseman Magwa, Podzo Barbara, Shava Kudzai


The necessity of advancing international competence for Africa’s higher education students is becoming more apparent as the international community becomes more interdependent and connected. We are all aware today that we live in a global community with forces that directly affect our lives being shaped by persons and events far away from us in places we have never seen or visited. Internationalisation of education is now very high on the agendas of national governments, international bodies and institutions of higher education. The question that begs for an answer is; Are universities and colleges in Africa preparing their students to function effectively in a global society in which time and space no longer insulate the nations, people and markets of the world? This paper aims to discuss the framework for a comprehensive global higher education system that encompasses global issues and challenges. The authors have noted in their discussion some gaps that need to be added to the global perspective on international education. They argue in the article that educationists in Africa, for the most part are not adequately prepared to teach learners with special needs and even those who wish to do so face a lot of challenges given the multiple demands on special needs education. Extraordinary commitment is therefore necessary to integrate special needs education into the internationalisation of higher education programme in Africa.

Keywords: Globalisation, Global competence, International education, Internationalisation, Special needs education

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