Correlation between Teacher Factors and Students’ Achievement in English Functional Writing Skills in Secondary Schools in West Pokot County, Kenya

Benjamin Towett Koross, Francis C. Indoshi, Tony Okwach


Functional writing skills are important for effective communication. However, the development of functional writing skills among learners depends on the teacher factors (teachers’ performance, experience and qualification). Current survey of functional writing competence among students’ shows that majority of them cannot write competently. This has raised concern regarding teacher factors in teaching and learning of the functional writing. Low levels of achievement in functional writing skills in West Pokot have greatly affected overall mean score in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (KCSE),  with average mean score being 6.37 which is below the average mark of 7.00 required by the Universities for minimum entry point to qualify for competitive courses. The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between teacher factors and students achievement in English functional writing skills in secondary schools in west Pokot county of Kenya. The objectives of the study were to establish relationship between teachers experience and students’ achievement in functional writing skills, to establish teachers’ qualification and students’ achievement in functional writing skills and to establish teachers’ classroom performance and student achievement in functional writing skills. The study employed descriptive survey and correlation designs.  Study population included 93 teachers of English and 2580 form four students.  The sample size included 31 teachers and 334 students selected through simple random sampling. Data was collected through questionnaires and a test. Data was analysed by use of frequencies, percentages and mean. Regression model was used to correlate teachers’ factor and students’ achievement. The study revealed that teacher performance was significant in determining students’ achievement in functional writing skills. It is recommended that teachers should be promoted basing on their performance rather than the number of years they have taught.


Keywords: Correlation, Teacher factor and Functional Writing Skills.

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