Developing Teachers using Human Performance Technology: Considering the Nexus between Purpose-Driven Life and Curriculum Leadership

Alexander Kyei Edwards


Human performance technology literature abounds with strategies for improvement. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between a purpose-driven life and curriculum leadership abilities among a sample (N=207) of Ghana Education Services teachers in order to ascertain the use of instructional and non-instructional human performance technology (HPT) in their INSET programmes. Using the quantitative method, the study found positive correlations (e.g. r=.27) and similarities in demographic groups were not statistically significant (ranges[t= -.23, df=205, p= .82] and [t=1.51, df=149, p= .13]). However, the study discussion centered on customized instructional HPT to save the bottom line (return-on-investment). Five recommendations are forwarded regarding practices and policies including HPT for systematic INSET training, professional development, and career mentoring. For policy development, a strategic thinking into theory and practice of HPT in teacher education and RME subject in the entire Ghana educational system are highly recommended.


Keywords:     Purpose-driven life, Curriculum leadership, Human performance

Technology (HPT), Ghana Education Service (GES), Teachers development

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