Policy Initiatives for Stakeholders Partnership in Funding Technical Vocational Education and Training in North Central Zone, Nigeria

Danjuma A. Ombugus


The study focused on policy initiatives for stakeholders’ partnership in funding technical vocational education in the North Central Zone of Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design using a structured questionnaire to collect data from a population of 450 respondents. The questionnaire were validated and utilized to collect data for the study. Kudder-Richardson (K-R21) formula was used in determining the internal consistency of the instrument. The reliability of the questionnaire items revealed coefficience of 0.82. It was found out that there was significant difference in the mean rating of the respondents in one out of eleven items at 0.05 level of significance. It was recommended that Government should support stakeholders (cooperatives, industries, enterprises, business groups, occupational organizations and community members) participation in funding technical vocational education and training programmes in the North Central Zone of Nigeria as a matter of policy.


Keywords:  Policy, Technical Vocational Education, Stakeholder, Partnership, Funding

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