A Review of Factors influencing Teachers’ Perceptions and Attitudes towards Retirement

Catherine U. Osuji, Tina Nweze


Since retirement is regarded as an important stage in human development, changes in life requires adjustments in other to cope with the realities that accompany the change. This paper reviewed factors that influence teachers’ perception and attitudes towards retirement. It discussed concepts of retirement; reviewed extensively the theories of retirement, types of retirements, factors that influence the teachers’ perception and attitudes were reviewed as well. The paper concludes that various reforms have been carried out in the public service in form of severance retirement and pension reforms, which aim to ensure stability in the process of retirement and adequate resettlement for retired officers. But, little or no emphasis has been made on the teachers in the school system. Teachers are part of the system and therefore should not be left out and must definitely retire.


Keywords: Teachers’ Perceptions, Attitudes, Retirement, Counselling, Factors

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