Numerical Solutions for Linear Fredholm Integro-Differential Difference Equations with Variable Coefficients by Collocation Methods

Taiwo, O. A.; Alimi, A. T. and Akanmu,M.A.


We employed an efficient numerical collocation approximation methods to obtain an approximate solution of linear Fredholm integro-differential difference equation with variable coefficients. An assumed approximate solutions for both collocation approximation methods are substituted into the problem considered. After simplifications and collocations, resulted into system of linear algebraic equations which are then solved using MAPLE 18 modules to obtain the unknown constants involved in the assumed solution. The known constants are then substituted back into the assumed approximate solution. Numerical examples were solved to illustrate the reliability, accuracy and efficiency of these methods on problems considered by comparing the numerical solutions obtained with the exact solution and also with some other existing methods. We observed from the results obtained that the methods are reliable, accurate, fast, simple to apply and less computational which makes the valid for the classes of problems considered.



Keywords: Approximate solution, Collocation, Fredholm, Integro-differential difference and linear algebraic equations 

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