Awareness and Acceptance of the New Trade and Entrepreneurship Curriculum among Public and Private School Teachers in North East Nigeria

ORJI, Nna Sunday


The successful implementation of any educational reform is hinged upon teachers’ well informed interest and endorsement of the reform. This study centered on teachers’ awareness and acceptance of the trade and entrepreneurship curriculum newly introduced into the Nigeria education system. Specifically, the study ascertained the levels of awareness and acceptance of the new trade and entrepreneurship curriculum among senior secondary school teachers in North East Nigeria. Using a survey design, data were collected from 123 teachers who responded to the Teachers’ Trades Awareness and Acceptance Questionnaire (TTAAQ). They were requested to express on 3-point loading (‘Certainly No’, ‘Not sure’ & ‘Definitely Yes’) their awareness and acceptance level. Findings revealed that the respondents were ‘not sure’ about their awareness as well as their acceptance of the new Trades curriculum.  Their awareness and acceptance levels were poor or uncertain. It was found that there were no significant differences between public and private school teachers in their awareness as well as acceptance of the new curriculum. It was therefore suggested that the relevant authorities should intensify sensitization and advocacy on the new trade and entrepreneurship curriculum as well as increase teachers’ involvement in the entire curriculum development and implementation process.

Keywords: Awareness, Acceptance, Curriculum, Education Reform, Trade and Entrepreneurship

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