Clarity as a Solution for more Creative Translation Teaching Methods

Nehad Rabe'a ElBeheri


The main aim of the present study is to suggest more creative translation methods for translation instructors in order to make studying translation more interesting. Because translation major became extremely competitive these days and acquired such paramount importance, students should be such an attractive experience as a profession. However, important, translation may seem boring and tiring for many translators. Therefore, this study is considered an ambitious attempt to carry out this objective for translators. This can be carries out by means of translation instructors. Therefore, this paper targets translation instructors to suggest them creative translation methods for teaching translation. The methods suggested are based mainly on specific educational theories such as Bloom's taxonomy with its variable levels as well as the importance of submitting a translation portfolio. It also suggests other methods of teaching translation based on translation theories such as Venuti's and Christian Nord's.

Keywords: Creative Teaching, Translation, Teaching Methods, Online


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