Analysis of Farm Management Skills of Poultry Production Operators in Ebonyi State

Egbe, Benjamin O.


Managerial skills of poultry production operators in Ebonyi State are not yet defined. This study was therefore carried out to analyze the management skills of the operators. The study used survey research design, through a questionnaire to elicit information from 216 respondents. The questionnaire was structured on four point rating scales and was validated by 3 exports. Data collected through the questionnaire were analyzed using mean and standard deviation to answer   the research questions.  Findings reveal that among the studied management skills, risk oriented skills had the least ranking means. In addition, poultry production operators had the best ability in marketing skills with average of ability rate of 2.89. According to the results, it is necessary to improve the risk management and resource mobilization skills of poultry operators in this area through extension services and participation in training activities. Farmers should be encouraged to utilize experts’ advice in taking informed decisions to boost their production to meet market demand. Government should assist farmers create efficient financing system by establishing price of their products.


Keywords: Farm Management, Management Skills, Poultry Production, Skills

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