Causal Factors Influencing Girl Child School Drop Out: A Case Study of Masvingo District Secondary Schools

Magwa Simuforosa Ngara Rosemary


School drop out among girls is a global phenomenon. Girl child dropout is a serious problem that affects national development. This study sorts to investigate factors that affect girl children’s school dropout in Masvingo district. Failure to finish school undermines girls’ development resulting in them having a misty future. The study employed the qualitative case study strategy to probe deeply into factors that contribute to girl child school dropout. The participants were purposively selected in order to allow them to provide the information needed to understand the cases of girl child dropout. The study employed questionnaires and interviews to solicit data. The study has revealed that there are a number of factors associated with this phenomenon. Secondary school comes at a particularly vulnerable age for girls as they enter into puberty. The main challenges the study found include poverty, cultural preference in educating boys, teen pregnancy and early marriages.


Keywords: drop out, dropping out, adolescent, enrolment, child

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