Associations of civil society and its role in the fight against violence education: the case of association’s parents and guardians of students

Lakhyar Zouhair


Security[1] is the subject of one of the most important educational topics exciting, given that the lack thereof resulting in severe threats may generate negative effects and multi-vehicle affect the human dignity and fundamental rights. If civil society associations constitute a fundamental building block in the construction community to talk, so that play important roles at the level of framing and educate citizens about various negative aspects rampant within the community in its various forms, the school violence[2] is one of these circumstances the problems that are no less important in the processing of the party concerned phenomenon from the rest Alachklat community, as these interfere with the various parties, each according to his specialization in the reduction of the negative manifestations of this phenomenon. In this context, form associations of parents of pupils and parents of one of the important civic institutions that can intervene in addressing these various negative phenomena and try to find ways to reduce them the least damage. Accordingly, we envisage through this article search in the role of this actor education and the extent of its ability to contribute to the reduction of the phenomenon of school violence in various trends, based on the statistical analysis we have adopted to highlight the great importance accorded to civil society within the strategic merged to combat school violence.

[1] We can say that security education is only part of human security in general, and in this context known as UNDP human security as "liberate man from the threats of severe widespread and protracted and widespread that exposed his life and liberty," From here, any threat of prejudice human life and liberty is a fundamental violation of the security and integrity, and thus the lack of empowerment of human opportunities for education or any behavior may affect this indicator, it is considered a threat to turn the human person to meet his basic needs. Review in this regard: Arab Human Development Report for 2009, Challenges to Human Security in the Arab countries, United Nations Development Programme, p: 25.

[2] We proceed in our analysis of that violence education "behavior intended to bring about the results of sabotage or hated, or to control through physical force or verbal on others, resulting in harm anyone or destroy property or damage to physical or mental organism or a substitute for an organism or individuals groups. "See in this regard: Preventive guide to protect students from violence and abuse, and the Ministry of Education, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 2006/2007, p 7.


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