The Future of Educational Technology in the 21st Century Nigeria: Changing Educational Landscape through Emerging Technologies

Nsofor, C.C., Bello, Ahmed, Ann E. Umeh, Oboh, C.O.


Education is increasingly becoming individualised, customised and universally accessible. Its future is being shaped by current and emerging technologies that are drastically changing the way in which teaching and learning are experienced. Such changes are as a result of development in the field of educational technology to utilise game based learning, mobile learning devices, cloud computing, 3-D learning tools, blended learning and multifaceted technologies like laptops, ipods, ipads, Smartphone, tablet computer and e-book reader to its own advantage. Consequently, independent learning is at the forefront of the paradigm changes that are shaping the future of education. This paper reflects on the potential benefits of educational technology in the 21st century, its implication for institutions of learning, challenges and prospects for teachers and students. Building upon this, the paper also examined why these technologies are changing the landscape of education thereby making both teachers and students in the realm of learning context.


Key words: Educational Technology, Emerging technologies, Educational landscape


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