The Need for Educational Planning and Implementation in Nigeria

Yawe, A. A., Adzongo, Philomena Ibuh, Bua, Felix Terhile, Aloga Austin


This paper tried to “justify the need for educational planning, and also tried to account for why educational planning and implementation are not in consonance in Nigeria. The paper noted that education is a vital tool for human development and planning should be seen as “the first leg in a relay race” considered as the crucial stage. The concepts of planning and educational planning were explained by Yawe, Ehiametalor, Coombs and Okwori in this paper. The paper also discussed the need for educational planning highlighting works of Maina, Platt and so many authors. Educational policy plans and the problems of implementation in Nigeria were also discussed. The paper again discussed insights towards effective implementation of educational policy plans in Nigeria and concluded that the implementation of educational policies in Nigeria is constrained by several factors ranging from faulty planning, mismanagement of educational resources and so many other factors. The paper recommended that responsive governments should ensure that necessary resources for effective educational planning and implementation are available in the right quantity and quality and that corruption at all levels must be reduced to the barest minimum”, so as to reduce mismanagement and misappropriation of educational funds.

Keywords: Educational planning, implementation, educational policy.

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