Online Visibility of the Intellectual Output of University of Education, Winneba Staff

Emmanuel Kutorglo, Jerry Addison Anyan, Adolph Agbeh


The University of Education, Winneba, (UEW) is a teacher education tertiary institution. It has the mandate ‘to produce professional educators to spearhead a new national vision of education aimed at redirecting Ghana's effort along the path of rapid economic and social development.’ From this mandate, the University derived a vision ‘to be an internationally reputable institution for teacher education and research’; and a mission ‘to train competent professional teachers for all levels of education as well as conduct research, disseminate knowledge and contribute to educational policy and development’ (UEW corporate strategic plan 2004 – 2008).


Accordingly, senior members of staff of the University of Education, Winneba undertake research, in addition to their teaching/administrative duties. The Government of Ghana in line with this also pays staff of the University special book and research allowances to facilitate this endeavor. In an effort to make research more binding and also as the main focus of senior members of the University, promotions of both teaching and non teaching senior members/senior administrative and professional staff of the University have been tied to their research output. Teaching and non-teaching senior members are required to have a minimum of six (6) and five (5) researched papers respectively to be promoted to the next rank in their professional life.

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