The Role of the Church in the Realization of Vision 2030 in Kenya

Dickson Nkonge Kagema


The Kenya Vision 2030 was inaugurated in 2008 as the country’s development plan with an aim of transforming Kenya into an industrialized middle-income country providing high quality life to all its citizens by 2030. Do religious organizations have a role to play in the realization of this Vision? Although the Church is one of the most trusted institutions in Kenya commanding a large following (82.5%), ordinarily no one thinks that she has a role to play in the accomplishment of this Vision. This paper argues that the Church as the conscience of the society cannot stand at the periphery. Since the Church basically preaches and stands for the ideals suggested in this Vision, she should fully get involved in its implementation. The paper proposes a number of ways in which the Church in Kenya can get involved including quest for peace, justice and reconciliation; economic empowerment programs; development activities; environmental conservation and fighting corruption.


Keywords: Church and Society, Kenya Vision 2030, Church’s Participation in Vision 2030

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