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Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research is a monthly double blind peer review open access Journal. It is now published by International Education and Leadership Research Team. It publishes ORIGINAL research papers in areas of education and entrepreneurship.

The objectives are to provide solutions to problems of education and entrepreneurship through publication of findings from researches and reviews of policies. JEPER also aims at establishing effective communication channel between decision and policy makers in educational and research institutions as well as government agencies. Papers submitted to the Journal are subjected to double blind peer review and authors must make corrections as regards to the review comments before the paper is published in JEPER.

Paper Submission Policy: Authors wishing to publish their articles in a particular month should submit their articles in such that it’ll go through reviewing processes early before the end of the particular month. There is no deadline for submission of articles in the Journal. Articles are welcome at anytime. We also conduct plagiarism check to know the Originality of the paper. Authors can submit research based papers; review papers and short communication papers etc. provided the papers are Original and not published before! If we publish a paper and the author goes ahead to also publish same paper elsewhere, prior to our notice, such paper must be retracted! At this time, we do not have online article submission page. Authors are humbly encouraged to submit their papers through the following the email address

Review Process Policy: Papers submitted to JEPER Journal will go through double blind review and the outcome will be communicated to authors sometimes within three weeks. Note that we do not use paper preparation template. Papers are sent to experts for reviews, sometime papers are sent to people who are not editorial board member of the Journal for review. This is to ensure quality and to ensure that papers are reviewed by experts in a particular field of Education or Entrepreneurship. If there are suggestions or comments made on submitted paper(s), authors MUST make corrections and changes before we can publish such paper in our next issue. Although, authors have rights to sometimes argue with the reviewers or question the reviewer’s suggestions; this is to enable them arrive at a conclusion and to make the paper come out fine. Authors are strongly advised to ensure that all citations in their manuscripts are well referenced and all references are as well properly cited in the paper. For research papers, we encourage you to state clearly your problem statements which called for the study conducted; ensure to have specific purposes and research questions that guided the study. Have a good introduction and conclusion as well as recommendations. Authors are advised to use the Latest APA citation and Referencing styles when preparing their manuscripts for submission. APA formats can be downloaded freely online. Use 12 font size, Times New Roman. After reviews of submitted papers, authors are encouraged to study the review comments and strictly follow the suggestions, corrections and new ideas gave to ensure they are well effected in the paper before submitting such paper finally for publication. Please note that we MUST also do our own editorial work as well to ensure that typographical errors, errors in English language, incomplete sentences etc. are well corrected.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification: Authors are notified of the journal decision after a thorough review works are done on their papers. Sometimes, the review outcomes may suggest as follows: Publish if the Author makes the suggested corrections as outlined in the paper; Reject, the paper is not in line with the scope of the Journal; Reject, this paper is not publishable.


Publication Fee: We try as much as possible to be very transparent in Article processing Fees. If a paper is accepted for publication in Journal of Educational policy and Entrepreneurial Research, author(s) will be asked to pay a publication fee of $100 USD as article publication fee in order to defray the operating costs. This fee covers online publication + one hard copy of the Journal sent to the author’s physical address despite the destination. If a paper is prepared by more than one Author, the second, third or fourth author can get their hard copies of the Journal at cost of US$20 each. The additional fee is to cover the cost of hard copy printing and postal services. 

Paper Withdrawal Policy: Once an author submits a paper, they are very free to withdraw their papers at any time before such paper is published at no cost. And JEPER cannot publish a paper unless the author authorizes JEPER through signing Author copyright form and pay the publication fee. Many authors have withdrawn their papers after review comments are sent to them (Maybe some authors are unable to cope with the suggestions outlined in their papers) and we humbly grant them their wishes! We do not keep authors’ intellectual properties with us. Once papers stay more than two months with us, we contact the authors and delete such papers. This is to enable them send such paper to other Journals they may wish to in case they do not want to continue the publication with JEPER.

At this time, we do not have online article submission page. Authors are humbly encouraged to submit their papers through the email address


Editors of the journal

Prof. Mathew J. Akahr
Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research


Okolie, Ugochukwu Chinonso.
Editorial Assistant
Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research


Technical support

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Editorial Board Members

Prof. Sunil Behari Mohanty, Former Dean, Faculty of Education, Sambalpur University, India


Prof. Michael V. K., Boğaziçi University, Turkey


Dr. Santosh Kumar Behera, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia, West Bengal, India. 


Dr. Carl W. Albin, Uppsala University, Sweden


Dr. Simin Ghavifekr, University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah Ashabrawy, Assistant Professor, Computer Science in Reactors Department, Nuclear Research Center, Atomic Energy Authority Egypt


Dr. Franscisco Javier Gerardo, University of Guadalajara


Dr. Ruben E. Faltado iii, Associate Professor, Technological Institute of the Philippines


Dr. Peter kibet koech Senior Lecturer, Early Childhood Studies Department Mount Kenya University, Kenya


Dr. Dickson Nkonge Kagema Department of Arts and Humanities, Chuka University, Kenya.

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